Facilities Management

Our solution for Facilities Management

eBills Postman System:

Automatically sign-in directly to vendors’ eBilling websites and download all invoices in PDF format, extract pertinent information on consumptions and payment, and load the information to a database.

Web Energy Management:

The first step towards a green building is energy consumption awareness. Web Energy tracks cost and consumption of all utilities, allowing you to benchmark and track usage for conservation, identify anomaly usage, budget, and verify accuracy of billing.

ACM Control Web Portal:

Tracking of asbestos in buildings is a legislative requirement. In Ontario it is Ontario Regulation 278/05. The ACM Control allows you to comply with this requirement over the Internet.

Web Permits Portal:

The community use of schools software facilitates the entire business function of renting school facilities out to the community outside school hours.

Library Management System:

Web Library allows you to automate your library operations in one or more locations.

Content Management System (CMS):

Web Pages is a simple, cost-effective CMS that allows you to create a website with the ease and simplicity of using MS Word.

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