Custom development

Build versus Buy?

The age-old dilemma of build versus buy still plagues us today. The advantages of one over the other are well known. The right choice depends on multitudes of variables within your organization and the subject-industry at large. So for the same business function, it is possible that a buy option may be better suited for one organization but not for another based on the organization`s unique characteristics. And conversely, it is possible that a buy option may be better suited for one business function but not for another within the same organization because of the subject-industry unique characteristics.

The build or buy decision is a critical one as it has long-term consequences to your organization effectiveness and efficiency which is eventually reflected in the bottom-line.


At Elyxyr we have the expertise to facilitate the decision based on your organization unique characteristics and the business requirement at hand. Our consultants consider the organization`s biases, the business requirements, their scale and scope, the relevance of the business requirements to the organization`s core activities, the options and coverage available in the market, the organizations support infrastructure, the organization skill and resource availability, the urgency of the business requirement, and the total cost of ownership of each alternative. The deliverable from this exercise would be either a recommendation of specific off-the-shelf software or a recommendation for custom software.


If the custom software presents a better value proposition for the organization, Elyxyr can provide a custom, turn-key software solution. Elyxyr staff have developed over 100 custom software solutions for various industries. Our lead software architect has over 20 years experience designing software over various platforms for a wide range of industries.

Software Development Methodolog

Over the decades various methodologies have been touted as the best methodology for effective software development. In our expert opinion it is not so much the methodology you employ but the resources you deploy that makes all the difference. Elyxyr makes the difference!

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